About Eva

I have loved living in Asheville, North Carolina since 2005! I escaped the concrete jungles of Southern California! Born and raised in the ghettos of Los Angeles, my parents came to America as immigrants from Iraq fleeing religious persecution. I am deeply grateful to them for their courage and sacrifice, but it was a struggle to make my way out of the slums. I longed to live a better, safer life and the American dream. I have found it through God’s grace and homeownership. Now I get to help others, too!

My professional background is in business management, accounting, law, and real estate brokerage. I spent 16 years as an accountant managing the money and properties of wealthy people. Eventually, I got bored with it. So, I started college later in life to enjoy a career and calling as an advocate for people. 

I graduated from Biola University earning a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Organizational Leadership Development. I earned a juris doctorate (law) degree at Whittier Law School. I earned a Masters degree cum laude in Communication and Culture at Trinity International University. I am a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina and South Carolina, an Accredited Buyers Representative, an Eco-Broker, and certified Mediator.  I get to use all the skills from the past to serve people today.

If I didn’t love helping people in real estate so much, I wouldn’t do it. My husband Dan and I enjoy building custom homes with a “green” passion for preserving nature and building top quality energy efficient homes. See our building website Majestic Estate Builders, Inc.

We love living in Asheville and enjoy all the activities from outdoor hiking, kayaking, community festivals, dancing, being with friends and family, and of course eating at some of the best restaurants east of the Mississippi.

You have many choices when it comes to hiring a Realtor to represent your best interests…So why me?

Because I am trustworthy and honest. I am accountable to God first. Success to me is finding solutions that meet my client’s needs first. I am not afraid to be honest even if it means losing business or being rejected. I know that if my client’s interests are well-served, then I will be successful long-term.

Because my expertise is beyond what most Realtor’s possess legally and financially. I was trained for four years as a law graduate to do research and negotiate contracts. I think creatively because I know the bounds of the law and create deals that most Realtors have never experienced. As an accountant for 16 years, I can help people understand what they can afford, identify good investments, and work with tax strategies.

Because I don’t work for a large brokerage firm, my loyalty and devotion is not to the organization, but to my individual clients. I have all the necessary resources large firms have for marketing and can give more time to meet my client’s specific needs rather than wasting time and energy on corporate politics and non-essential tasks. You don’t have to worry about “dual agency” conflicts with me because I am an independent agent dedicated to you first.

Because I am a builder, you won’t get a lemon.  My husband Dan and I have been building homes for over two decades and are experienced “green” home builders. Our eyes are quick to detect structural and design problems more than most Realtors. We work as a team with inspectors and sub-contractors to provide solutions for buyers and sellers. 

That’s why you need me! 😀